I am happy to participate in such a large community of Brethren that
uses the English as franc language and allow a diversity of freemasons
to participate. I am secretary of a Masonic Triangle in Macau, former
Portuguese territory, a place where we look to raise a regular masonic
lodge under the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Traditional
suspicion with freemasonry either in Portuguese context of Chinese
confucian costume makes our efforts tentative and require major
discrency. I have seen Brethren from new-born freemasonry
participating in the discussion and I will attentive to follow your
experiences and problems. To raise columns in a Temple is not an easy
enterprise although our collective experience shows that there is a
lot of curiosity and interest for freemasonry has a sociological
phenomenon and to what it may represent. People are very lonely in our
big cities, and an appeal for sharing and participating meets probable
that sense of alterity that we thought have experienced and loosen in
the way. Fraternally, Gama