Re: Business on Any Degree

On Sep 8, 5:05 pm, Larry The Mason from Holbrook
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The code says (paraphrased) an EA must be vouched for
and escorted by a Master Mason from the Lodge he petitioned.
Extrapolating on my part, I believe it means the EA is not permitted
to vouch for himself.

In Ohio, the code describes proper vouching as including the ability
for a traveling Brother to show the Tyler a current dues card and
valid photo ID. Members of my Lodge often escort EAs and FCs to other
Lodges so they can see how others do their work. An MM from my Lodge
simply presents the Brother to the Tyler and informs the Tyler of the
degree the Brother has attained.

This reminds me of an amusing story. It took place four or five months
ago at a Lodge's inspection. Several Brethren from my Lodge, including
myself, attended. We brought with us a newly passed Fellowcraft to
observe the inspection in the FC degree. Code requires that the Lodge
be opened in full-form MM to accommodate certain visiting Brethren,
then called to refreshment and opened in short form for either of the
earlier degrees being conferred.

I introduced this Brother to the Tyler, informing him that the man was
a Fellowcraft. Into the Lodge we went. Then, as the WM started his
opening ritual in MM and the SW gave his report on Brethren in the
room, members of my Lodge had to interrupt and inform the SW that a
Fellowcraft was present. All present erupted with laughter as our FC
was escorted to the ante-room. I suppose you had to be there to truly
appreciate the humor and sharp timing.