Re: How much influence do the members of your jurisdiction have on Masonic policies

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Since the Lodge Officers are elected by the members and all PM's were previously elected to the office, I feel that the average member has some influence on the policies of the craft.

Well, I am in Texas, and while it is SUPPOSED to be an elected process, what really happens is, the line moves up one step and the lower officers (Tiler, JD, SD, JS and SS) are appointed so they move into the line without election. Not exactly democratic but not much infighting for position and its sort of cool because everone that wants to be an officer, will eventually be one.

BTW, I was raised on Thursday :)

Congratulations on your raising.

Yes, advancement the norm. However that being said, when you've been around a little while longer, you will find that it is not a rare occasion when some brother does not meet the lodge's expectations and another is advanced in his place.

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