Re: Atheism and agnosticism

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Interesting point, what if the candidate puts his trust in Allah, Adonai,
or one of the other names for God?

If a candidate in my lodge responded "In Allah" or "In deity" or "In
the one great power" or anything like that to the question, it would be
completely reasonable, totally understood, and perfectly acceptable.

Just a point of curiosity, if one puts his faith in ("the things mentioned
what is the point of the fraternity/brotherhood, whatever you call it?
I am not wanting to come over as disrespectfull, but if I trusted in the
mentioned above, I would already be sure that everything on my path would
inspired by the things mentioned above. That he/she it, would make sure
that all
the lessons I needed to learn and things to see would be supplied.

Now you've opened up a can of worms ( or is it Pandora's box?) ;-).

Dale Glover
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