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Larry the Mason from Holbrook <larry.the.mason.from.holbrook
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Richard L. Watson wrote:

Welcome my brother.
While the Grand Lodge of Oregon is not (yet) in amity with the MWPHA of
Georgia, ... three Prince Hall Lodges meet in our Lodge building
here in Portland, Oregon. They are part of our local Masonic family and we
regularly inter-visit

My California F&AM lodge hosts a California PHA lodge
as a tenant. it's nice being able to walk down the hall to

I'm sure this was brought up before, and I don't wish to cause
disharmony by whipping this dead horse, but ...

Brother Richard, if Oregon doesn't recognize Brother Osiris because he
looks to the MWPHGL of Georgia, and if Brother Osiris happens to attend
a PHA meeting at Friendship, and if we are aware of Brother Osiris'
affiliation, would you and I be compelled to excuse ourselves from that

California GL has a rule to act like the locals. As long as the
lodge I'm visiting is one that's recognized while I'm there I can
follow their visitation rules. I'm also a member of an Illinois
AF&AM lodge and as far as I know Illinois has the same rule.

So Br Osiris can visit a PHA lodge in most states and I think
non-PHA masons can visit with him there. Round-about but it
should work just fine. And the pleasure of visiting the brethren
at a near-by PHA lodge included.