Re: Reply to Osiris - a very saddening statement

Dear Richard,

As I understand it.... ( I asked some similar questions a while back) The problem is old and historical. At one time black men were not permitted to become Masons in the US (not sure it was all parts or just "in the south" ) UGLE, via I think a military lodge that was "over there" set up the Prince Hall masons for some back people way back in the mists of time,

Therefore you had two lots of masons in the US the Prince Hall Masons (principally back men) and the mainstream (white) masons. Somethies called the GW (or George Washington) masons

For a long time the GW Masons would not recognise the PH masons.

Now UGLE recognises the GW Masons.

It recognises the PH masons in the areas where the WG masons also recognise the PH Masons.

AFAIK all US GL's bar 11 of them recognise the PH Masons in their area.....

So you could as a UGLE mason visit some PH lodges but not others..

Confused? :-)

In article <46acb400$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Richard <?@?.?.invalid> writes

Visiting other lodges, especially in other [regular and recognised]
jurisdictions is one of the mainstays of Freemasonry. Wherever I have
travelled in the USA, I have always been welcomed into any lodge I have
visited - especially when I have contacted them without invitation and
invited myself along :-)

So it is with great surprise and sadness that I read in "jadam's" post: "No
P.H. will attend a non-Prince Hall Lodge without invitation and vice versa
as agreed upon at the time of the mutual recognition.".

If you recognise a Brother, why would you not welcome him into your Lodge
except on those occasions when you choose especially to invite him?

Or is this a universal practice in New Jersey? For example, would I as a
UGLE brother not be allowed to visit either a PH or a non-PH Lodge there
unless positively invited to attend?

S & F regards,

"jadam" <macavenel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Brother Osiris,
I am a member of a Masonic Lodge in the jurisdiction of the G.L. of
New Jersey.
No P.H. will attend a non-Prince Hall
Lodge without invitation and vice versa as agreed upon at the time of
the mutual recognition.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/
/\/\/ chris@xxxxxxxxxxxx \/\/\


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