Tebow is gay

There's no other way of saying it, and there's
certainly no reason to mince words:

Tebow is gay.

Seriously. For real.

Besides the uber gay voice there's the stupid
praying-meets-the-thinker deal.

The Tebow persona took a lot of time and
effort to create. Period. And nobody invests
all that time and effort to create a Jesus-Freak
persona UNLESS they want to utterly convince
people that he is not gay.

Let me explain something to the Robert Coren's
of the world:

Sure, we can all buy the praying thing, but always
with a photographer handy? And then always with
those photographs splashed all over the media?

Yeah, maybe the media makes all kinds of allowances
for great athletes, but Tebow isn't one of them. He's
not. And all this "Tebow Mania" and the photographs
started long before the post season, long before anyone
knew that this second-rate (at best) Quarterback was
going to luck his way into the post season.

Anyhow, I don't care how much Koolade you guzzle,
you've got to understand that NOTHING winds up in
the media by accident. That, Tebow has been photographed
doing his funky almost-prayer thing all over the world
because he has posed for the photos all over the world,
and you saw them on TV because a very good PR
person got them into the right hands.

No accidents.

And, seriously, the one woman the man claims to have
dated denies it?

Like that wasn't a clue?

Please. No wonder you all fell for Obama.... Sheesh!