Re: I need to delete my membership to

On Sun, 07 Sep 2008 13:05:47 -0400, Eugene Green wrote:

Well, after not renewing my membership in ManHunt (a
site I really think is great) and sending a note to
support (and I got a nice response from a guy (but no
picture - darn-it)) I was really unhappy that a single
cent would get it's way to Johnathan.

Since then, the board at ManHunt released a statement
which is on

"Jonathan Crutchley has stepped down from his position
at the website".

I closed my Manhunt account several months ago. I was in massage
school, and I wrote that in my profile. The site admin wrote back
and said that I had to state in my profile that I wanted to massage
people for free. I wasn't looking for people to massage. I just
thought that since it was ok for all the other boys to put in their
profiles that they were students at UT (or wherever), that it would
be ok for me to put in mine where I went to school. I wrote back to
site admin that unless the other students put in their profiles that
they wanted to give free business services (or whatever, depending
on which school they were in), that the site admin was supporting a
double standard. They never wrote back, and I haven't felt the need
in nearly a year to look at their site. Good riddance!