Re: Michael Kimmel Defends NOMAS, Misandry and the Promotion of Bigotry

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This guy [Prof. Michael Kimmel] must be out of his tree.
I don't think he can have been watching in the last thirty years.

You might think that, but you'd be wrong. Prof. Kimmel and
the rest of the NOMAS crowd have for the past 30 years
been alternately fighting and trying to co-opt (for feminism)
the authentic men's rights movement. They remain stuck in the
SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) world Dr. Warren Farrell
described so well in the introduction to his landmark book
_The Myth of Male Power_ [...]

twenty years ago it might have been understandable
to be deceived about feminism and the matriarchy,
but now it is not

Twenty years ago was 1990.  (My, how time flies!)
Twenty-four years earlier than that, the so-called Equal
Rights Amendment (ERA) had been turned back after
a desperate feminist campaign of "It's for equality!" mixed
with equal parts of "No, ERA won't require that women
be drafted if men are."  Ten years earlier than that,
Betty Friedan had been read out of organized feminism
after she had said something charitable toward men in her
book _The Second Stage_.  Two years earlier, Warren Farrell
had already published _Why Men Are the Way They Are_.
One year later the Anita Hill charade would be performed
by feminists and their Democrat collaborators in the U.S. Senate.

An academic such as Michael Kimmel cannot plead that his
embrace of feminist dogmas back then was due to an
invincible ignorance.  By 1990, the contradictions and
hypocrisies (big and small) of feminism were obvious
and in-your-face to anyone honest who had a basic knowledge
of feminism.

my comment was general, i dont think the average american in 1990
could expect to grasp much about the hydra that is Gynoworld (nor,
certainly, had i)

I "got it" in 1980 on just a cursory search of feminism in the
library.  Considering I was a college grad in the social sciences
you'd think I would have "got it" earlier but the truth is I was
taught lies all through my public education which would have required
me to learn the truth on my own.  And then it took 10 years after
college to even check it out.  By then I had been whipped so bad and
the feminists were coming on stronger than ever so I had to check it
out just for survival.  Most men don't have a fraction of the
experience I was having through my life so they don't get to the
whipped part as soon.  

exactly right

however, when the vast majority of men do hit the Whipped Wall, and
begin to ascertain that they HAVE been betrayed, they dont fight back
like you did

many are called...

Plus I was an intellectual for crissakes!

This has always been an issue of educating the public.  The feminist
control education with an iron fist and I'm not exaggerating.


in 1980 i was aware of feminism superficially, like most americans,
but i had neither investigated nor truly experienced its roots and
effects -- i was driving a teamster laundry-delivery truck in 1980, to
pay for my "education" .... my psychology was vastly immature and
heavily romantic, coming off the Fifties and Sixties, and "feminism"
barely registered on my mindscreen

it took getting whupped throughout the eighties to begin to stur me
from Matrixland, and by the early nineties i knew "something" was
terribly wrong with the experiences i was having -- but myself and
other guys had no way to "compare notes" on our Mass Stomping

so like you i hit the library HARD for the next decade, working
through archaeology, anthro, poli sci,, comp. mythology, Frazer,
Bachofen, Erich Neumann, Jung etc etc

by the time Farrell's book hit and the Net started chugging, my mind
was essentially re-invented, and ready for the numerous revelations
and depth of info the net has provided in the subsequent 20 years

looking back, it's obvious that god guided my "education" from the
getgo to prepare me for his work, even at this humble level

it took a tremendous amount of time and effort to bust outta the
Matrix, which reminds me to strive for patience with other slaves,
knowing that they dont have the background knowledge or understanding
to really grasp the complexity, longevity, and malevolence of the beest