The Law

There is nothing sacred about 'the law'. Most laws are nowadays made by a
small group of greedy, increasingly corrupt politicians and an army of
unelected bureaucrats whose primary aim is to serve themselves.

'The law' is mostly nowadays designed to give these people power and wealth
and to provide them with cushy jobs, lavish lifestyles and very generous
expense accounts.

There are three good ways in which the ordinary citizen can help to fight
against this corruption of our democratic system.

1. Either vote for a politician who promises unreservedly to reduce taxes
and, hence, to reduce the size and the power of government, or do not vote
at all - because this will undermine its perceived legitimacy and, hence,
its power.

2. Demand that citizens are able to gain access to any information about
government activities, unless doing so would lead to serious national or
personal security issues.

3. Insist that government officials are prosecuted if they thwart legitimate
access to such information, or if they purposely deceive the people - whom,
one should remember, they are supposed to be serving, not subjugating.

(Also see my piece entitled The Bogus Human Rights Act to see just one
example of how 'the law' is nowadays nothing but a sham - a sham played out
at our expense for the benefit mostly of lofty others who want more power
and wealth.)

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder
respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. George