Expert's False Abuse Allegations Victory is Key for ALL Men and Fathers

Dean Tong

Dean Tong: Innocent Again and a Message for Men (Dr. Charles Corry)
Congratulations are in order for Dean Tong, who again defeated malicious
false allegations against him. Below is a press release on his behalf from
Dr. Charles Corry, PhD of Equal Justice Foundation (EJFI).

One of the pioneer investigators of false allegations in domestic violence
and child abuse cases is Dean Tong. In the early 1980's Dean was falsely
accused of child sexual abuse of his 3-year-old daughter by his then wife.
After several years of heartbreaking struggle he successfully fought the
allegations and was eventually awarded sole custody of his children in 1985.

Instead of retreating back into his cave, as so many men do after such
nightmarish experiences, Dean began writing prolifically about these
problems. His first book, Don't Blame Me Daddy: False Accusations of Child
Sexual Abuse appeared in 1992. His second, Ashes to Ashes, Families to Dust:
False Accusations of Child Abuse: A Roadmap for Survivors in 1996. His
latest, and a book that should be on the shelf of every reader of this
newsletter, Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused came
out in late 2001.

His web site,, was one of the first to appear on the
Internet discussing false allegations. And Dean was the first activist I met
personally after beginning my own research on these issues when Dr. James
Dobson of Focus on the Family brought Tong to Colorado Springs in April 2000
to do a radio broadcast with him.

Since its inception in 2001 the Equal Justice Foundation has been pointing
out that under current laws a man has to be functionally insane to marry and
a drooling idiot to sire a child. Of course men don't think with their big
head when Cupcake wants to marry. Some 10 years ago, forgetting the
nightmare of his first marriage, Dean married again.

Lily was probably a charming 36-year-old woman when they married but 10
years later she is no doubt in the throes of perimenopause and quite likely
much less of an enchantress. While details aren't known, his second marriage
went sour, and as many men and women do when their marriages are failing, he
sought solace elsewhere. That infuriated Lily. To appease her he moved out
of the marital home and offered her a $250,000 divorce settlement, which she

On January 28, 2008, he called for a police escort to retrieve some personal
effects. Instead, as in so many cases we've heard, that turned into his wife
charging him with domestic violence. She had apparently been bruised, either
self inflicted which is extremely common in such cases, or from some other
source than Dean who hadn't been near her. Dean's request for a police
standby thus resulted in police arresting him at the motel where he was
staying. Sound familiar? And of course the woman is always believed in these
cases regardless of the evidence, i.e., man bad, woman good.

Six weeks after his arrest Dean was charged on March 12, 2008, with first
degree misdemeanor assault involving domestic violence and third degree
felony tampering with a witness to evade prosecution. If convicted on both
charges he was facing a possible six years in prison. Astoundingly in
world of DV hysteria, he was released on just $1,000 bail. Bonds of $50,000
to $250,000 have become almost standard in such cases and the Eighth
Amendment be damned.

In Florida the rules of criminal procedure allow for the defense to take
depositions. In a game known to virtually everyone who has been through one
of these nightmares, he and his lawyer tried to serve his spouse with notice
to take her deposition nine (9) times, and 9 times she ducked service!
Finally, at a divorce court hearing in May she was formally served to be
deposed on July 2nd.

Given his prior experience, and work as an expert witness in many similar
cases, Dean had amassed a mountain of evidence to prove his innocence and
Lily was quite aware of that. Thus, on July 1, 2008, Lily filed filed a
formal Waiver of Prosecution and Affidavit accompanying same. On July 10th
the State of Florida filed a statement of Nolle Prosequi (PDF) on Dean's
behalf to both charges, ending the criminal case against him. It needs be
emphasized that Dean Tong, as with other men in these cases, was once again
assumed guilty until he could prove his innocence.

Unfortunately, Dean now faces the horrors of "family" court for a divorce.
Online court records show Lily Tong filed for divorce in March. The outcome
of the divorce is pending.

Fortunately, there are no children from this marriage. And hopefully Dean
will take the EJF dictum about marriage to heart and not marry again.

But the repeated false allegations against Dean Tong send chilling messages
to men and society:

Marry and you face a random (50/50) chance of a unilateral divorce almost
certainly initiated by the wife (p = 0.8)

Once you sign a marriage license you and your children become chattels of
the "family" court.

False charges of domestic violence, child and sexual abuse, and restraining
orders are made-to-order tools for women to win in divorce and custody

Women can make false allegations against men without fear of repercussions.

The many cases of false allegations, which demographics suggest are the
majority in Colorado, and likely elsewhere, make it difficult and often
impossible for the legal system to deal with actual cases of family

The principal effect of the draconian DV laws is to deter citizens from
calling police even if they may really need help.

Current laws provide many disincentives for men to marry or sire children
and, ultimately, that will destroy our society as civilization is built on
stable families.

Our congratulations to Dean Tong for once again triumphing against the
forces of evil that our legal system has become at the beck and call of any
vindictive or vengeful woman.

Our condolences that he had to once again prove his innocence in a
neo-Marxist radical feminist (redfem) legal system whose gender bias seems
to know no limits.

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.