Corporations and Feminism

I read old posts by Society in order to get back in touch with the
truth. Here's a post by Jon Young from 2004 and Society's response.


Topic: Science > Abortion
User: "Jon Young"
Date: 16 May 2004 12:41:02 PM
Object: "Womens rights"

America's women have been deceived.Corporate America learned in the
aftermath of WWII that women were a cheaper,viable work force.They
convinced women,through proxies like NOW,that they would be much
happier outside the home.So women gave up the comforts of a domestic
lifestyle to enter the hardships of the work force.Now,instead of
taking care of the home,women are expected to work a 40;PLUS take care of the home.Some liberation.
Childcare was the one obstacle.Solution? Convince woman that they were
exercizing their "rights" by killing their babies in the womb.Less
babies.Less maternity leave.Wake-up ladies.Men control you more than
ever.They've convinced you that you are winning the battle.Working
hard and killing your children is not victory.

User: "Society"

Title: Re: "Womens rights" 17 May 2004 09:24:56 PM
"Jon Young" <jdyoung1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

America's women have been deceived.
Corporate America learned in the aftermath
of WWII that women were a cheaper,
viable work force. [...]
False. Despite all the soft-focus hazy hoo-haw
about "Rosie the Riveter", the large majority of
women who tried defense work lasted about
two months and no more. Never mind that
those jobs were well paid and in the larger
factories in major urban areas had free and
secure transportation to and from the work
site, on site child care, on site grocery ordering
for home or workplace delivery, on site
medical clinic and other goodies that were
frequently oohed- and ahhed-over by the
wide-eyed press as if they were something
new during the 1990s when that gullible
born-yesterday press covered the puff-ball
companies of the bill clinton era dot-com
boom economic party years (the unsurprising
economic hang over of which we Americans
are still trying to recover from).
Those American women that entered the
workforce during WWII were one of the
most expensive workforces the US ever
had. The returning GIs were bargain labor
by comparison.
All that is necessary to ruin the credibility
of feminists is to expose them to a healthy
dose of the truth.
All excuses for feminism depend on the ignorance
of their swallowers.