Re: Men Don't Know That They Want to be Married?!

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You career chicks who think you can pencil in love when you
hit your mid or late 30s will not have much to choose from; I'm sorry if
believed Carrie Bradshaw and her cohorts, but that's the way it is.
men and beautiful women go to the earliest and highest bidders. You
chicks who show up at the buffet five hours late have NO RIGHT AT ALL to
complain that most of the food is gone-none! You made your bed; now lie
it. Sorry, but I cannot muster any sympathy for you.----

It's my attitude that by age 30, anyone (male or female) who is capable
of maintaining a long term relationship is already doing so. There is
always the possibility that they were divorced through not fault of
their own, but that is really not likely. Judging from their track
record in previous relationships, I guestimate that about 85% of single
women in their 30s will destroy any relationship they participate in.
That would be OK, if they didn't see being married as a trophy status
point. Men seem to be more accepting of the fact that they are not
suited for marriage.

But men by Nature are not suited for marriage. There is nothing in it for
them long term.

Marriage had damned little to do with looks, and everything to do with
personality and relationships. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes
clear to the bone.

It absolutely has to do with a female's looks and all females know this. Why
do you think it's part of their Nature to be so concerned about how they
look? Youth is the most important thing and everything we consider
attractive in a female has to do with youth. Slim, clear unwrinkled skin, a
girlish quality about her. By her 30's, this is all gone forever.
Strike while the iron is hot girls lol


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