Re: Rabbi Forces Removal of Xmas Tree at Airport!!

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Associated Press report in a banner headline today, Monday 11 December 2006,
about a cursed rabbi in Seattle, who forced the SEATAC Airport to take down
nine Christmas trees.

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky complained, because the airport would not put up a
huge menorah in celebration of the jew hannukah, which starts Friday 15

Bogomilsky is now afraid that Christians will see his threats, and the
resulting removal of the Christmas trees, as being anti-Christian. He said:
"There is a concern here that the jewish community will be portrayed as the

It seems that the Christkillers wish to be remembered as those responsible for
the killing of Christ, 2000 years ago!!

The Romans killed Yeshua bar Yoseph the Nazarene (aka Jesus Christ).

Realizing of course that there is little evidence to support
that such a person actually lived. The only people who ever
wrote about him had a vested interest in starting a new
religion. And even if such a person did exist there is
nothing recorded in Hebrew that mentions him so the only
account are ones written in Greek many years after the fact
and even those accounts were probably translated from other
languages into Greek by religious people.