Re: Bismarck or Submarines

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I imagine they could
have made quite a fleet of them with the resources used in
building/supplying Bismarck not to mention the personnel issue

About the only way Bismark competed with submarines was for steel and
personnel. Submarine building was mainly limited by factors other than
building hulls. Probably the biggest was machinery. The other problem
was design, it took time to come up with a satisfactory ocean going sub.
Most of the early boats Germany built were small coastal ones which
lacked the range to operate in the Atlantic. Competition with the army
and air force for material was probably more important.

There is also the point that Raeder had developed building plans with
no war before 1943. This meant that he was concentrating on long lead
items. Even with the KM being given the highest priority the Z plan was
still slipping in 1939.

Ken Young