Re: WW2 films and docos - now free with youtube

"Space Captain Kurt Kosmic" <camfairweather@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Oh man, "The Battle of El Alamein" is total rubbish. An Italian
"spaghetti war" film. Brits using Napoleonic tactics, Germans driving
M24's, Italians being the stoic heroes of the battle. Rubbish
tactics, rubbish bagpipes, rubbish acting - just total rubbish. I
stopped watching after 1/2 an hour.

I guess you refer to the 1967 film, which is quite bad indeed. One
interesting thing about that movie is that at least one vintage, still
running M15/42 tank puts in an appearance. (Some M15s kept serving after the
war for a few years, and evidently some must have survived in running order
until the late 60s). A rare sight.

There is a much more recent Italian movie on the subject, which is by any
comparison much better than the 1967 fiasco, although it was shot on the
cheap and has been (justly) slashed for a number of reasons. The title is
"Alamein - The Line of Fire".

As for Italians being stoic heroes of the battle, along with all other
nationalities, that tends to be rather true than rubbish. Rubbish is the
persistence in the current literature of myths such as Italian infantry
"streaming back in panic" under the initial British bombardment. With one
exception, Italian line infantry battalions held out for 48/72 hours - and
their remnants in ad hoc battlegroups even longer - sometimes inflicting
heavy losses, one Scottish battalion being by all practical purposes
destroyed while seizing an Italian portion of the line.

In movies that may be transfigured into superhuman heroism (which happens
all the time in American and British films with their own troops), but the
fact is nonetheless quite true.

Thank you for the other flicks' titles.