Re: Could Hindenburg have been reasonably stopped from being Chancellor?

Hindenburg in 1932/3 was very reluctant to allow Hitler to be
Chancellor of Germany despite Hitler right as the leader of the largest
party to do so.

Being leader of the largest party did not automatically give you the
right to be Chancellor.

Up to then it was always the leader of the largest party that was given
the task of trying to form a government. Hindenburg was breaking

Say Hindenburg had been firmer could he have stopped Hitler from being

of course. The interesting question is what alternative he could have
pursued. Many alternatives had already been tried in vain in the months

Indeed the frequent elections. By that stage Hitler had become so
powerful that he could no longer be ignored. The other issue is being of
bad health Hindenburg would not have wanted to leave a mess behind when
he died. Maybe he believed I have a choice either pick Hitler now or
when I die the communist will take over.