How Many Asians Served in the Wehrmacht/SS?

The name of the soldier in this photo is Kyoungjong Yang who was born
in Shin Euijoo, Northwestern Korea on March 3, 1920. He was
conscripted to the Kwantung army in 1938 and captured by the Soviets
in Nomonhan and captured again by Germans in Ukraine in the summer of
1943, maybe in the battle of Kharkov, and captured finally by
Americans in Utah beach, Normandy on June 6, 1944.

He was freed from a POW camp in Britain on May, 1945 and moved and
settled in America in 1947. He lived near the Northwestern Univ. in
Illinois until he died on April 7, 1992. He lived as an ordinary US
citizen without telling his unbelievable life story even to his two
sons and one daughter.

His story was revealed by an article of 'Weekly Korea' on Dec. 6th,
2002, which became a big topic in the Korean society here at the time.

I know he is not the only one as there are photos of even Tibetan SS
soldiers. How many were similarly used by the Germans from Russia?