Re: Invasion of Okinawa, Iwo Jima instead of Philipines

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And they are. You could read some of the memoirs of (eg) Japanese
soldiers in the PI (see, among others, _Sensou_ by Asahi Press).

Memoirs (especially of Japanese soldiers) aren't usually accepted as a
representative poll of the opinions of hundreds of thousands of people.

I'll repeat the question: "Do you have any evidence either way?"

Now, please substantiate your allusion to the US being responsible
for the devastation.

I have never made this claim. It is your invention.

Would you like to address whether, in the real historical circumstances
which existed at the time, there was an alternative to invading the
Philippines, or any of the individual islands in that group, or any of the
cities and towns on any of those islands, and thereby inflicting tens of
thousands of civilian deaths? If there was an alternative, why wasn't it

I can play cut-and-paste forever, so please do try to answer the questions.