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On Sep 10, 2:26 pm, Rich <RichT...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sep 10, 11:25 am, "Andrew Clark"
I am checking the sources for the dates of the development of the AVRE and
will respond in a separate post.

Oh, please do, I await the answers with bated breath.

Okay, so I'm impatient.

The production figures for most tanks and other AFV may be found in
AVIA 46/188 and AVIA 22/456-514. Churchill AVRE production to 1
January 1944 is nil, for 1944 it is 532 and for 1945 (to 8 May) it is
32, although Janes claims 593 in 1944 and 52 in 1945, with another 44
as bridgelayers in 1944 and 22 in 1945, it also notes zero production
for 1943. The History of MG Motorcars at Abingdon notes they completed
518 of those conversions 20/11/43 - 26/4/45 (and another 24 to ARK
configuration 14/3/44 - 6/5/44). It seems possible that the Janes
figure for 1944 may include some of the many prototype designs
experimented with and also note that AVIA normally only reported
production vehicles and not prototypes, which is the source for most
discrepancies. Note also that although production is given as starting
1944 it actually began 20 November 1943, which unfortunately is a
typical anomally found in British production records.


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