Re: Commanders (Gound Forces)

The best British commander of ww2 is Slim

Biggs wrote:
Some say Monty was the best British Commander, though I must admit I
have admiration for Brooke, we will never know how tactically on the
battlefield he would have performed, I know he turned down command in
the desert and hankered after the Supreme Commanders Role in overlord.
My question is who in your opinion were the best commanders for the
British, Americans, Russians and Germans.
My suggestions are as follows:-

British----Montgomery, though I am not totally convinced on this, I
have great mis-givings, perhaps I should choose Slim, Alexander was a
good politician, what about Paget who trained 21st Army Group before
the invasion and performed well in Norway? Brooke is my favourite but
because of results I choose Monty.

Americans----definitley NOT Eisenhower, it really would be a choice
between Patton, though his temperment and treatment of his soldiers at
times had a little to be desired and Macarther who again proved
himself in Korea.

Germans---- for me many to choose from Guderian, Rommel, Model,
Rundstedt and more but I would always go for Manstein he planned the
invasion of France, captured Crimea and planned Kursk though the
timing of the battle for him was wrong and really should have been
given overall command of the eastern front, from what I have read I
think the German Generals would have picked him aswell.

Russians----a few to pick here Chuikov for Stalingrad, Semyon
but it would have to be Georgy Zhukov no questions