Re: What meaning German XXXXIX Corps ?

On Feb 15, 10:28 pm, Rich Rostrom <rrostrom.21stcent...@xxxxxxx>
I wish people were consistent about that.

Well, AFAIK only the US Army was truly consistent about it, to the
point of obsession.

The German system was close, except they liked to both letter and name
army groups (Heeresgruppen). And of course none of your 3rd or 9th, it
was a nice Germanic 3. and 9. :) Of course they got carried away with
some reserve units, designating both by Arabic numeral and a Roman
numeral Wehrkreis or Luftgau number as in Luftwaffe-Festungs-MG-
Bataillion 14/XXII. :) And it mattered to them if the number came
before or after the unit identification. Manic really. :)

Of course the British are perfectly hopeless and I swear in a single
paragraph you can probably find 30 Corps, XXX Corps, 7 Armoured
Division, 7th Armoured Division, 45 RTR and 45th Tanks. Frankly I've
never been able to decide if there is a rhyme or reason or if it's
sheer bloodymindedness. Mad dogs and Englishmen? :)

And try explaining any of this to a Gregg/AP style-crazed copy editor
or indexer. It'll drive you right round the twist.