Re: 17th Airborne and Market Garden

Robert Willett wrote:
> Reqad my comment again. I stated they did not know what they would need in
> 1942-44 when they had to form divisions.

And David pointed out that forming divisions without allowing for
sufficient air transport to carry them pretty much guarantees that
somewhere down the line, when the divisions become operational, it will
not be possible to use them all at once, which is rather the point of
having so many in the first place.

The alternative would be a constant stream of airborne operations, i.e.
a 2-division drop every other month, so there should always be 2
divisions on the ground fighting, 2 more recovering from the previous
operation, and the last two getting ready for next month's drop. That
setup might make sense of a configuration in which an army had more
airborne troops than air transport.

However, as early as 1940-41 it was clear that airborne operations were
not going to be conducted that way. So the hindsight comment doesn't work.

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