Re: Uses of history

Peter Jason <pj@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 01 Nov 2011 23:32:22 +0000, William Black
What facts?

The ones historians use to write books about. Of course these will
have a certain probability of being true and this can be factored in.

Ah, historical "facts" again 8-). Sometimes these "facts" are nothing more
than a claim by one interested(biased) party, quite often based on second-
or third-hand "information" and perpetuated by generations of uncritical
historians. Ian Mortimer, in a book I bought in Kzoo last year, "Medieval
Intrigue", looks closely at one instance of this, the "approved" version of
the death of Edward II , and shows how weak the usual story is, and how
much other evidence there is to disprove it. Every so often this happens
to "historical facts".

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