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In other words either we support Israel right or wrong or they will
chose for us a leader that will.

It's called politics.

It's called, "Some people are asking for a pogrom."

That's been tried.

There hasn't been one now for over 60 years.

Not since the Jews got guns...

People don't like Jews with guns.

It upsets their perceptions.

They think Jews should just die quietly and be mourned as victims
than fight their murderers.

Now, for your next trick you can find me a democratic Arab country.

Coime on, we've just had a selection of revolutions in Arab countries
with people dying for democracy.

I haven't noticed any free and fair elections yet.

So, in your mind anyone who criticizes Israel on the Palestinian
question must be an Arab lover.

How simplistic!


I'm comparing the different countries in this dispute.

I dislike nothing in Jews for what you'd call their Jewishness, same
as I don't dislike blacks for their blackness. I just dislike human
abuses and Israel has a long rap sheet on that, and the victims happen
to be Arabs. I would feel the same were the victims Albanians,
Bavarians, or Papuans.

The Arabs have killed more Arabs civilians this year than Israel has in
over six decades.

<racist rant snipped>

So drop the distractions and the labels. Zionists that steal land
shouldn't get away with it just because they are Jews.


In 1918, when the area was taken over by the British, some 78% of the
land in the area belonged to the 'state'.

As for guns they are only the 3% of the population here and the non-
Jewish 97% has the same access to guns.

You feel the USA is going to rise up and kill all the Jews?

Only in your dreams.

I know it is difficult for you to see the gentile point of view but
check this out.

It's still called politics.

The Jews in the USA have a choice about who to vote for.

They are quite within their rights to use that vote in any way they wish.

Of course one of your nastier dreams if for the people of the USA to
rise up and kill them for having the temerity to vote.

Unlike any Arabs outside Israel.

Arabs within Israel, of course, have the vote...

Arabs are several centuries late, and just getting started.

They started once before, and got to the Gates of Vienna last time.

I don't think they've won much since...

Why do you think the US should involve itself in this dispute?

Because Israel is a democracy and freedom must be defended.

What do you put first, personally: loyalty to Britain, or to Israel?

The United Kingdom.

Every time.

But in reality the interests of the two countries very rarely clash.

Apart from the fact that the British suffered a lot of casualties
(military and civilian) by Jewish terrorist organizations in Palestine
and the fact that Britain was forced by the US to abandon its mandate
of Palestine in order for the partition to go on. This was actually a
disaster, as the Brits may have actually installed a bi-communal
administration in Palestine.