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It not racism because it is based on fact. Non-Africans have
larger brains. Don't blame me - blame mother nature! It could derive

those studies are open to question.

from the Neanderthals. A recent study bolsters this idea:
"Could our big brains come from Neanderthals?
Study: Gene could only be passed by interbreeding with humans"

The genetic shift took place very rapidly. A thousand years ago
the Arabs had no African markers in their genome. In medieval
times the genome changed rapidly. Why could not such a rapid
change have affected culture?

Muslim culture was on the recovery after the Mongol invasions, if it
were not for the accumulation of wealth and commerce, and hence a
middle class, in Europe due to the discovery of the trade routes
(which was motivated by the resurgence of Islamic power). thereafter,
nto only Arab culture but Muslim culture in general declined. there is
a perfectly prosiac explanation. but obviously you are someone that is
wedded to a certain notion and there is no point in discussing it with


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Arab civilization made great advances in learning and culture up to a
certain point in the middle ages. Then it ran out of steam and lost
its vitality, an occurrence which allowed the European expansion.

the European expansion was made possible by the Euroepean discovery of
trans-Atlantic and a accros the Cape of Good Hope trade routes.

Historians have been puzzled by this reversal. Recently, genetic
research has revealed that sub-Saharan Africans have contributed
greatly to the genome of today's Arab

The Arabs imported enormous numbers of African female slaves, a trade
that ended only at the end of the 19th century. Estimates by
historians suggest the extent of the Arab slave trade to between 11 to
25 million black Africans, and from thousands to in excess of one
million Europeans (Wikipedia). The female slaves were exploited
sexually. But, unlike in America, there are no direct descendants of

and their descedants were considered freedmen, according to Islamic

the slaves in the Arab world. This is because Arabs, as a whole, are
descendants of African slaves. The African genome was swallowed up by
the Arab population.

anyway this answers a question posed in a previous thread, in which I
agrued along similar lines (minus the racism)



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How many African slaves did the Arabs take from Africa and where are
the descendents of these slaves today ?

Count Baldoni

In hoc signo vinces

{racism snipped}

Today, research has shown that there is a genetic signal of
Neanderthals in all the non-African genomes.
This could explain the larger brain of the non-African races.
Neanderthals had a significantly larger brain than Sapiens (it could
have been as much as 20% larger). We are bound to discuss to what

that doesn't mean they were more intelligent. it evens out when
adjusted to their robust body size.

extent our advanced Western civilization depends on our inherited
genetic makeup, and the consequences of an African/Arabic immigration,
whether there can occur a devitalization on lines of the Arabic
reversal. This is not merely an issue of genetics, but also of
culture, as I argue in "An Intrusion of Matriarchal

Mats Winther