Re: Why Don't the Welsh Speak Latin?

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Oh, it's solid - and something of an embarrassment to those who don't
believe in Anglo-Saxon invasions.

Why should it be an embarrassment? The settling of British people in
Armorica could surely have happened independently of Anglo-Saxon
invasions, if any? Indeed, the legends say that the first wave of
settlement was by British soldiers of Macsen Wledig (Magnus Maximus),
which would be *before* any possible Anglo-Saxon incursions into Great

Would it?


<hint> Saxon Shore.

Indeed, you should probably read up on it.

You tell me: does it pre-date Magnus Maximus, or post-date him?

Wrong question. You have to first ask and answer with evidence whether the "Saxon shore" was a defense against the Saxons or a defense manned by the Saxons for the Romans or not a defense per se at all but an economic center (assuming we can treat all the forts as if they all had a unified and identical function).