Re: Black Death timeline

In the decades leading up to the BD Plague, there were famines brought on by
the European climate becoming much wetter. This occured with the population
at a relatively high level, already taxing the agricultural system.

The general population was in a weakened state and there were other
epidemics that were going around Europe that preceded and coincided w/ the

Perhaps the discrepancies you're finding are due to uncertainty as to
exactly what epidemic was hitting, and when. A further complication is that
there are 3 types of The Plague: bubonic, pneumonic, and septicaemic. I
think they all are somewhat different in symptoms - the last one kills very

"Sheila EJ" <mydog@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have been trying to come up with a definitive timeline for the Black
Death - that is, the 'exact' dates that the plague arrived in each city and
the routes it travelled. I have literally read through 46 books to date and
no two seem to agree on the same time frame. For example:

Arrival in Genoa ranges from Nov 1347 to Jan 1348
Marseille ranges from Dec 1347 to Jan 1348 to Feb 1348
Lyon - Feb 1348 to 22 April 1348
Bordeaux is either March, April or June 1348
Weymouth is the widest spread from 8 May 1348 to 01 Aug 1348

I believe I have read through just about every major academic work done on
the topic - but for the life of me I can't come up with two books
espousing the same dates. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or, perhaps
care to wade in with some discussion on same?


(PS - Mr. Hines. I really am sorry! You must be having a rough day - and
I truly do mean that in a very sincere, caring manner. Hopefully,
however, it will all work out ok in the end, right?)

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