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      Promises, promises....

There is a joke which ends up with exactly these words but I'm most
definitely not going to tell it to you. :-)
Likely a good idea 8-)

      Remembering Carter's problems getting things through Congress, I
keep wondering how much the kid could accomplish. . .

This is an open question for any President but I'm somewhat reluctant
of being a guinea pig for the big-scale social experimentations.
Especially when they involve 'social justice',
'redistribution of the wealth', etc. Somehow I'm always finding myslef
on a paying side.
Oh, I know all about that, too 8-\

Not to mention that few decades spend in the Workers Paradise made me
somewhat sceptical about the whole idea..... :-(

Oh, QUITE understandable!
however. . .

Now, this would be something to see... :-)

Once upon a time this was used on children who used inappropriate

I know. But I'm a grown up reactionary so this IS the language totally
appropriate for me. If I start being politically correct, what's the
purpose (and fun) of being a reactionary? :-)
None whatsoever, of course. Particularly the fun part.

Now I suppose one would be arrested for child abuse for
trying it.


 In medieval times, of course, "soap" was something else.
Let's see. . . beating them on rocks along the stream and spreading them
out on bushes to dry???

This sounds as a well-thought and totally appropriate action to me
but, hey, I am a reactionary! :-)

Well, I'm old enough to remember being struck on the hand with a ruler
by a teacher. . . I have major reactionary moments myself.

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You can't reason with someone whose first line of argument is
that reason doesn't count. --Isaac Asimov

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