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The Catholic Church was created by legislation in 381. This is the
/earliest record/ of it, though doctrinally it was Nicene Christianity.
It ceased to exist in 1054, when the Eastern and Western churches
split. /Soi disant/ Catholics are simply members of the Roman Church,
except for those in the Anglican communion, but that would make another

It is high time that, for the benefit of Christianity, the various
hierarchs develop a feasible plan for ending this nefarious scandal
instead of making it worse. The Very Reverend Dr John Hall, Dean of
Westminster Abbey, Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and
Dr. Richard Chartres, Lord Bishop of London, conducted a truly
profound wedding ceremony. They did an oustanding job of focusing on
the importance of marriage. This is particularly important today when
so many children are born out of wedlock. These three clerics also
made me aware of the unacceptable divisions that continue to exist
among the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican/Episcopal, Lutheran, and other
mainline Protestant churches. In my opinion, the vast majority of the
laity would support the end to these untenable divisions.

Though an unbeliever, I agree in principle. The Roman Bishop would simply have to give up his claim to /supremacy/. He would still be first in order of precedence at a Council, as he was from very early on. Why does Archbishop Williams, who knows this perfecly well, not say it publicly?

Myth, after all, is what we believe naturally. History is what we must painfully learn and struggle to remember. -Albert Goldman