Re: Help me find the Hebrews without the Bible

Weland wrote:
Inabón Yunes wrote:
Now we are getting somewhere!
Am I wrong to suggest that the translators could have been bias to find what they wanted?

Yes. Offer evidence instead of innuendo. Or at least be man enough to admit that you are finding fault with the translators of a language you yourself haven't studied because you are biased to find them so.

Is it not true that we have no idea if the words that they claim to have descipher, have no real connection to the words they try to relate? WHAT A MESS!


The gentleman is pointing out something extremely obvious.

Let me direct your attention to English.

There are a dozen ways to pronounce the same sentence in English today and the BBC used captions for some English speakers. This does not include American and Australian variations.

Yet the best argument is a "sounds like" argument.

This is before one includes all the pronunciations for English over the last thousand years and still the best the believers has is "sounds like."

And when mention of made of long dead languages whose pronunciation cannot possibly be known are "compared" to other long dead languages whose pronunciation cannot possibly be known we still have nothing more than a "sounds like" argument.

And as the skeptical position has always been that believers have nothing better than the names sound alike it is unclear why believers are doing nothing more than confirming they have nothing more than sound alike.

The absolute absurdity of knowing a pronunciation in one place and time matches the pronunciation of another language in another place and time is what believers are trying to claim is possible just to prove beyond all doubt that they have nothing better than the names sound alike.

Do you believers love to argue for the sake of arguing? Good. Please start a good like of argumentation instead of confirming all you have is the names sound alike. That was the original statement that got you believers upset and made you all do the work to prove beyond all doubt you have nothing more than names that sound alike.

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