Re: Was the hebrew bible written by Romans?

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On May 1, 9:41 am, Фитил и Кибрит

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On May 1, 8:39 am, Фитил и Кибрит

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On May 1, 7:52 am, Фитил и Кибрит

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On May 1, 7:04 am, æÉÔÉÌ É ëÉÂÒÉÔ

LoL, this fits into the Babies with IQ 145 propaganda nonsense.

There is no "Jewish" DNA, the bulk of the Jews are Khazari peoples.
Get over it!:-)
And by the way, if the Jews kept to themselves why do they look like
Poles, Germans, Russians, etc. as per origin?

hey, watch it bulgar. I dont really care who the jews are.. This group
should be called alt.history.antisemites, bunch of bigots in one place.

Semites are the Arabs. I got nothing for or against them.
Mat is posting what he read in Haarez and he got a label for it.
The term anti-semite seems to mean anyone who isn't a fanatic Zionist
which would fit the description of 7 billion on this planet as well as
of the Jews.

You are in a good company with Pigsy and Agammemmneo0nn

I am in good company everywhere I go.
There is no reason for you to loose your mind over political agenda.
Did you know that Agamnemnon means virgin in Greek?:-)
Ask him!

Are going everywhere with Pigsy and Greek Santa? Hmmm. Political
agenda, is that what you call genetics?

Igor-Igor-Igor, so far the only people that cared about genetics were
the Nazis, and...err, the ZioNazis. I am Bulgarian and as much as I
myself, I wouldn't be the stupidest idiot on earth to claim that my
DNA is
Bulgarian or that there is such thing as Bulgarian DNA. Get real man!

Ask Agammemmnes if he is virgin? Why? Now whos loosing his mind?

OK, you didn't get the joke, you don't speak Greek, I take it.
Pity, it was a good one.

You missed the whole point... a bunch of ignorants claimed that jews
descended from Khazars, I provided evidence showing that their
ancestors come from middle east,

OK, two questions, and please be patient and bare with me because
I am ignorant too. I don't speak genetish.

1. How do you know 100% certain, what Khazar DNA is?

2. How do you know 100% certain where Khazars came from or that they
didn't have
contact with people from the Middle East?

Does not matter where Khazars came from.
There is an article in this thread, which you dismissed as Zionist
propaganda. There was an excellent information provided by imipak on
this issue. I am not going there again. Look it up.

Now-now, but of course it does the Zionists controlled "Science"
is juxtaposing invented peoples versus real ones. I am pretty sure
the Blond Aryans drink their coffee with the Genius Jews in some
inverted continent called Atlanta.....

How about if you humor me and went through it again, please?

afterwards ignorants went back to
their original claims and it became obvious to me that no matter how
much evidence presented, they made up their mind a long time ago and I
am just waisting my time. There is no politics involved, I am not
saying that people from middle east are better of worse then Khazars,
does not matter to me one way or another.
There is no such a thing as Bulgarian DNA, don't be ridiculous.

Oh-no, why would I want to be ridiculous the globalist media is doing
good job of that, my parrot has IQ of 175 and has Smartagenian

Does he speak greek?

I don't know, his feathers are black and cnn sez he's 2 year old

Why would you assume that I spoke greek?

Just a silly poke at Aggy, ignore it if you don't speak the language
of the god's chosen

There is hope for you yet:), where is he? hiding from imipak?

There it is the future hiding in me, but there is no hope for Zionism.
Aggy will come back and get on with his Zionist tricks of defining the
World, oops......did I say Zionist?:-)

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