Re: Dead Sea Scrolls to be displayed on Internet

On Sat, 30 Aug 2008 08:18:36 +0100, Martin Edwards
<big_mart_98@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

David wrote:
On Aug 29, 1:13 pm, Christopher Ingham <christophering...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I would
provide the link, but the site, alas, has a deadly virus.

On Aug 29, 2:37 am, Martin Edwards <big_mart...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It was also in the /Guardian/ in the UK, one of the few papers not run
by wingnuts.

by Rory McCarthy

"Already the work has brought to light new revelations
about the scrolls."

David Christainsen
Newton, Mass USA

I wonder how many of them will be made public.

... and how long it will take.

Eric Stevens

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