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WRONG. The first edition of Homer whose circulation is recorded historically is the one brought to Sparta by Lycurgus in 880 BC though the works of Homer were considered to have been circulated in other parts of Greece before that. Read Plutarch's Lycurgus. And if you do not know that Agrippa the son of Tiberinus was a Roman king who ruled Rome between 915 and 875 BC then you are clearly not a historian and have no business discussing this period in history which you clearly know nothing about.

WRONG, the legendary founding of Rome was April 21, 753BC (date, of
course rendered in modern format). This corresponds with archaeological
finds in the area. If you are using the Aeneas legend for the founding
of Rome, this was a much later invention.

Another IGNORANT makes himself known.

Read Livy and Jerome you ignorant. Fifteen different kings ruled Rome after Latinus until Romulus. Stop trying to distort history and deny its existence you revisionist loony. All the archaeological evidence shows palaces existed in Rome which date to before the palace of Romulus, but you would have us believe in your own personal conspiracy theory that the Romans made the names and dates of all of these kings up, and conspired to do this with the Greeks of Cumae and the rest of Sicily and 200 other Greek city states so that they all agreed with each other on this and all other history. Yes, they all got together to fake the story of the Trojan War, and of Aeneas and 400 years of history up to the Olympiads and made everyone who said something different dissaper. You are a bigger FOOL than I thought your were!

Please account for the traditional founding date of
Rome that I have listed.

Read Jerome and Livy.

The kings of Latium, Lavinium and Alba were the ancestors of Romulus and Remus.

875 BC <A>remulus, son of Agrippa, the previous king, stationed a garrison of the Alban people among the hills where Rome now is; who on account of his impiety, died later having been struck by lightning. The son of this man was Julius, the great-grandfather of Julius Proculus, who, migrating with Romulus to Rome, founded the gens Julia. (Jerome's Chronicon);query=chapter%3D%236;layout=;loc=1.5

That is not what it says at that particular link. It says that Romulus and Remus decided to found a city in the locality in which they had been exposed. I am not saying that that is necessarily true, of course.

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