Re: Jona Lendering is still lyimg on his Livius site

NO, Jona, Fyrom area was NEVER Macedonia anything,
and your attempts to undermine the Greekness of the Macedonians
is very foolish. Upper Macedonia WAS NOT the Fyrom area!

In fact, Jona, reading all your pages there, the scholarship is appalling,
false and completely misleading.

Nothing less than an 'F', Jona.

Seriously, folks, he says he has degrees and that he is a teacher, yet
his text on the Greeks and Macedonian Greeks is literally garbage.

Because of that you should check every item he posts on his site for

He has been sent correct texts and data on the Greeks and
Macedonians Greeks but ignores the facts and continues with his
misstatements and misleading ignorant comments.

To Jona, should you wish to regain some credibility feel free
to contact yours truly for some correct data on the ancient Greeks
and Macedonian Greeks in particular.

And I suggest you read the following more carefully.

Curtius 6.9.35
"Praeter Macedones plerique adsunt, quos facilius quae dicam percepturos
arbitror, si eadem lingua fuero usus qua tu egisti; non ob aliud, credo,
quam ut oratio tua intelligi posset a pluribus".

And the translation

"Besides the Macedonians there are many present who, I think, will
more easily understand what I shall say if I use the same language which
you have employed, for no other reason, I suppose, than in order that you
speech might be understood by the greater number."

The crucial words are "more easily".

That speech clearly shows that Macedonian was actually understandable
by other Greeks but "not so easily". Now, just how would anyone try to
explain that all the Greek warriors could understand with some difficuly
the Macedonian language if it was not a dialect of Greek.

Also, as an aside, that the sentence also means that ALL the
Macedonians understood the common Greek of their time at that
early time period as considered against later Hellenistic times so
_their_ language had to be a dialect of Greek.

In other words, Jona, your site and you? lacks integrity.

from: Spirit Of Truth

(using June's e-mail to communicate to you)!