Re: search engine and FTM 2008 -- forget it!!

Then there's the matter of the search engine. As best
I can tell, over the past 3-4 months, they have changed their online
search engine three times and now they have settled on the absolute
worst possible search.

I tried to find an uncle of mine to verify his death date in the SS
death index. With the new site, I got over 50 hits on
his name, none of which was my uncle. I switched to the
FamilySearch site and found him in 30 seconds.

Guess this is what happens when you employ a shop full of computer
nerds who feel that they ABSOLUTELY MUST "improve" things.

"A Nonnie Moose" <moose@xxxxxxxxxx>

This is a blog for Ancestry Search project manager.
Do post concerns there for her notice

I found the NEW so full of errors I switched back
to OLD search.
I come back to New every couple of months
and repost any errors I find

Ron Lankshear -Sydney NSW (from London-Shepherds
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Ron Lankshear in Sydney NSW <ronlank@xxxxxxxxxxx>