Re: Photo Question

Got a question for you experts about photo preservation.

Have recently acquired a family photo album where most of the
pictures are almost 100 years old. They are on the heavy card stock
and in one of those padded velvet albums, but the album itself is
falling apart. I intend to scan all these so that I can share them
with various family members. But when I take them out of the album
it may tear the pages slightly. Am I better off to put them back in
this album and keep them that way or should I put them in protective
covers and store in a different notebook? Some of them are tin
types. What is the best way to preserve them?

Patricia Kantzer

If the album is falling apart anyway maybe you should consider
getting it rebound. Consult a bookbinder. He may be able to take
it apart safely and then rebind it when you've scanned them.

Tin types - dunno. It sounds like a question for a specialist

Ian Goddard at goddai01@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

If the cardstock is falling apart (as you say it is), check it for
its Ph value. To do so requires an ACID TEST pen. My guess is that
the album itself was made of very poor quality paper (with high acid
content). If the test comes back positive, DO NOT USE that album as
it WILL cause irrepairable damage to the photos. You are much
better off obtaining an archival quality photo album as it will
preserve these priceless images far longer than an acid based paper
product will.

AE Palmer <surveyor999@xxxxxxxxxx>

My guess is that someone in the family has attempted to take some of
the photos out to see if there is anything is written on the back.
And in the process have torn some of the bottom flaps that hold the
pictures in place. I can tape those back in place. But if I have
to take the pictures out of the album in order to scan them. in that
process more of the album may be torn apart. Where do I find an
acid test pen? a Photo Shop? I want to get my ducks all in a row
before I destroy anything.

"Patricia Kantzer" <mkdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Acid test pen: