Re: How to alphabetize paper copies of your work?

What is the "standard" for the filing system to genealogy paperwork?

I know that when a woman gets married, you still maintain copies by
her maiden name. So then, how do you file them - by the initial of
her maiden name or with her husband's name? Perhaps you make 2
copies - one for her and one for the husbands file. Also do the
children get filed with their parents even after marriage or do they
get a separate file? Hoping for an easy solution :o)

(nothing is easy in genealogy tho)

Nancy <nposs1936@xxxxxxxxx>


I think this is one of those questions best answered by saying
"whatever works for you". It doesn't seem to me that somebody
else's prescription for what is, essentially, a personal preference
is going to be particularly effective. The proof of the pudding is
whether you can find what you're looking for in your files and
whether your system makes sense to you.

Swell Ol' Bob

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