Re: Swedish roots

> I have been fairly successful on my search here in the USA, but now
> my roots take me to Sweden...I haven't got a CLUE on how to search
> abroad! I also don't have a town (or Parish), as they refer to in
> Sweden, to look for...just that my Great-great grandfather came from
> Sweden...I've hit the proverbial "brick wall"; anyone have any ideas/
> tips for me for searching Sweden? Thank you SO much for any/all
> help.
> ~M~ "mousepotato" <mousepotato@xxxxxxxxxx>


I have hit almost the same brick wall, but the other way around. My
great grandfather disappeared in North America. He left Sweden 1891,
wife and two kids. They never heard from him. His name was Goran
Persson. Any clues?

"Christer Goransson" <XXchrister.goransson@xxxxxxxxxxx>