Re: Continued Welby ascent for the 11th Duke of Beaufort

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I have just informed you of how to ascend from the current Duke of
Beaufort to the Welby family of Denton, co Linc.  Now for the other

William /Welby/ of Denton, co Linc d 1657 had for wife
Eleanor /Williams/ fourth daughter d 1688
Her father was John /Williams/ of Denton, co Linc d 1627 and her
mother was Selina /Worsley/

See vol. 3 of Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees, p. 1083

Selina's parents were Richard /Worsley/ of Deeping Gate, co Northant
by his wife Mary /Harrington/

Leo shows us this *couple* but does not show Selina

Robert O'Connor had a series of posts on the Worsley family in 2004,
including one where he listed the children of Richard Worsley and Mary
Harington. He didn't include Selina, although she seems well-
documented in Maddison.

There may be another connection between Worlsey and Welby. See
Maddison 3:1053 where the paternal grandmother of William Welby (d.
1657) is identified as "Alice, called daughter of R. Worsley". The
connection the Worsleys that Robert O'Connor wrote about is unclear.

Selina, through the Bozom family and then the Ufflete family has an
ascent to Edward I

See Maddison 1:167. There is also a connection from Bozom via Markham
to Joan, the illegitmate daughter of King John.

She is a Cecil 6 as her maternal grandfather was John /Harrington/ of
Witham-on-the-Hill, co Lincoln living 1584 whose maternal grandmother
was that Alice Walbeef who by her second marriage was mother to  that
same Jane Heckington who married secondly Richard Cecil and was mother
to William Cecil Baron Burghley