Olivia Tempest

According to Wikipedia, Brook Taylor (1685-1731) was the child
of "John Taylor of Bifrons House, Kent, and Olivia Tempest,
daughter of Sir Nicholas Tempest, Bart., of Durham."

Nicholas Tempest, 1st Baronet of Stella, died 1626, so was too
old to be Brook's grandfather. His son Thomas (2nd Baronet)
had a son Nicholas (not a Baronet) who is shown in Burke's
_Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies_
as having a sole child, Troth, who married John Witham.
Where is Olivia?

Can anyone help identify Nicholas Tempest, father of
Olivia and grandfather of the famous mathematician Brook Taylor?

Thanks for any help,
Dear James,
I do not have access to the Extinct Baronetcies, but I have the Complete Baronetage.

Olivia is said to be the daughter of Sir Nicholas Tempest, Bart., of Durham.
They don't give his numeral as a Baronet. If we regard Nicholas to be in error, especially the time frame does not fit. Brook Taylor being born in 1665 and Nicholas 1st Bt dying in 1626 aged 73.

But could it be Nicholas's grandson Richard 3rd Bt.? Then we retain that Brook Taylor's grandfather was a Tempest Baronet of Durham.

Sir Richard was born about 1620 and married 9 October 1641 Sarah Cambell. The Complete Baronetage gives their son Thomas to have died August 1692 aged 50, and so born about 1642.

Then for Sir Richard to have a daughter Olivia who has a son in 1665 would at least fit the time frame.

This is only a suggestion and better information is needed to make it acceptable.

With best wishes
Leo van de Pas,
Canberra, Australia