Latin translation sought

Can one of the latin scholars on the list please translate the following
which is on a gravestone.
The general gist is that Oliver Le Neve armigerous had a wife Iana nee
Knyvet who died 19/16/1704,
but I am naturally interested in what it actually states.

Ioh. Iana Knyvet Equtis de Balneo
Natu precetes unam minima
Virtutibus, lamien magna
Oliveri: Le Neve Armigeri

also the following line from another gravestone
This of another person in same church who departed this life on St. Peters
day in 1616
I believe that would be 29th June 1616...Am I correct with the date?
The gravestone is in English except for the last line which is in Latin as
I believe the first two words be something like "Valour after" or similar
but the rest I am not able to guess anything.

Virtvs Post Fvnera vive T

Thanking you in anticipation
John H