Re: The Ancestry of Kate Middleton

On Apr 14, 3:04 am, RobinPatterson <Robi...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Familypedia has followed the LEO and WARGS databases to show a line
from Kate Middleton up to Edward III of England. However, another
Southern Hemisphere database owner reports receiving several emails
criticising some of the Fairfax line that forms part of it.
shows the3 Fairfax segment most clearly, branching at the top to Agnes
Gascoigne, #77121 at the top of the main WARGS chart, whose apparent
lack of birth and death dates doesn't stop her from being given a line
to Edward there and at least three on LEO (one of them shorter than
the WARGS line).

Any written works shed light on the Fairfax question?

Yes, the book I suggested people buying at the head of this posting.
The Fairfax line is bogus. However, the Fairfax marriage to a
Gascoigne is good and the royal line follows through there.