Re: Francis Dade`s descent from Guy de Thouars (died 1213)

Dear Peter and Will,
I know of nothing which indicates the
Breton nobles favored Peter I over any candidate, but they did in fact allow
him to rule as regent after his wife`s death for their son John I. Brittany
managed to avoid being merged with England and with France for nearly
three more centuries by favoring exclusively neither. I find it interesting
that Count (or Duke) John II of Brittany (died 1305) chose not to make
himself a candidate for the throne of Scotland as his great great grandmother
Margaret was a daughter of Henry, King designate of Scotland (died 1152) by
Ada de Warrene , Margaret being the mother by Conan IV of Brittany of
Constance of Brittany. It`s not so suprising that Eleanor`s claims were denied
given that the prospective regent would continue to be King John of England
who certainly seems to have been involved in Eleanor`s brother Arthur
I`s death.
James W Cummings
Dixmont, Maine USA