Re: Richard Edwards, alleged illegitimate son of Henry VIII?

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Yes I am very familair with this claim.

Seems like I researched but do not remember the results. This Edwards family was very early in VA. And I believe if I am not mistaken that the VA magazines have dealt with this subject.


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Subject: Richard Edwards, alleged illegitimate son of Henry VIII?
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Has anyone ever come across a claim that Henry VIII had a mistress named Alice Blewitt, that he fathered a son on her (the Richard Edwards of the subject line), that he (Henry) married Alice off to a Welshman named Edwards, and that their son (again, the Richard of the subject line) was given preferment because of his supposed paternity?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

David Teague

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I did a quick search & found a website that clearly believes the Henry
VIII story, They cite a
publication, EDWARDS LEGACY by David Dean Edwards, 1992 (no publisher
mentioned). I could not find it on Googlebooks & suppose that it is
probably self-published. Details, such as birth/death dates for Agnes
(not Alice) Blewitt are given but without sources. Remember that
extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. Or something like
that. Best, Bronwen (Edwards)

FWIW, the book in question is listed in the catalog of the FHL in Salt
Lake - and they also have a copy on film which could presumably be
sent to a Family History Center near you, if you wanted to pursue that
avenue. It also seems that a second edition was published around 2000
under the slightly altered title "Edwardes Legacy", and the FHL has a
copy of that edition also - as well as a CD-ROM version of that
edition. The latter two items of course would be accessible only in