Re: Mummies found in Outer Hebrides: Kings of Ireland

Michael o Hearn wrote:
Actually the findings of the mummies in the Outer Hebrides confirm the truth behind the ancient Irish mythology of Leabhar Gabhála na hÉireann, the book of Invasions, as it has come down to us with editing by the Christian monks. None of this is to be taken literally. The mythology was a shorthand way of keeping track of events before there was history as we know it. The supposed descent of Mil and his son from Scota, daughter of Pharaoh, was there way of remembering Egyptian presence in the British Isles long, long ago.

This sort of stuff has had no credence in Irish archaeology for decades. We were once, for instance, supposed to believe that the passage graves were derived from the pyramids. This didn't survive the adoption of radiocarbon dating; you can't derive passage graves from /younger/ pyramids.

The prehistoric culture of the British Isles belongs within a northern European tradition, not to Egypt.


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