Caucasian kings


Vakhtang V

his sons:
elder: Giorgi XI

one of younger: Levan batonishvili, governor/regent, formally not king
first wife: Tuta Gurieli
second wife:

Levan's sons:
1m: Vakhtang VI, king of Kartli

2m: Iesse I, king of Kartli

Bakar, titular king of Kartli

Teimouraz II, king of Kakhetia, married Thamar of Kartli (daughter of Vakhtang VI) -> Kartvelia

their son:
Erekle II, king of Kartvelia

Giorgi XII, king of Kartvelia (d 1800)

his son was the claimant Davit XII
and grandson (via another son) was the claimant Grigol



Aleksandre V, king of Imeretia

Salomon I the Great, king of Imeretia

grandson: Salomon II, king of Imeretia
(himself son of:


some fiefs, not kingdoms but something like duchies:

Konstatine III, duke of Moukhrani


they would have medieval roots, as they all are claimed to been agnates of the one and same house, the Bagrationi.

How solid is proof and lineages from a common forefather to them?


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