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2.  There were 2 manors in Tickenham at the time of Domesday Book but
in the late 12th century they were united when the lord of one of
them, NicholasFitzRobert(a younger son ofRobertFitzHarding, the
progenitor of the Berkeleys of Berkeley) married the heiress of the
other.  His descendants (who did not acquire a stable surname until
the 14th century, when they settled onFitzNichol) held the manor
until the 1330s or thereabouts, when it passed (I'm not sure exactly
how) to Thomas Basset and then to Edmund and Joan Seymour (though in
1382 ThomasFitzNichol tried to recover it and was granted the
reversion after the Seymours' death).
Matt Tompkins

I have two questions on this.
Is this Nicholas FitzRobert, the same person who married a Sibyl
Somebody, had a son Ralph, who married a Matilda le Ram, and this last
couple had a son Nicholas who died in 1312 ?  This line eventually did
call itself FitzNichol and are ancestral to the royal British
household in a variety of ways, but I end this line at Katherine
(FitzNichol) Poyntz at Iron Acton.  I do not however have her marked
as an heiress, so it's possible the line continued, that she had
brothers, who I just haven't yet recorded.

As a son of the well-known Robert Fitz Harding Nicholas Fitz Robert
couldn't possibly have had a son who died in 1312. He (Nicholas Fitz
Robert) actually died in 1189.

There's a rather sparse pedigree of his descendants at the end of
Bridget Wells-Furby's introduction to her Calendar of the Berkeley
Castle Muniments,which says only that the son of Nicholas Fitz Ralph
(died 1312) was John Fitz Nichol (died 1375), whose son Reginald Fitz
Nichol predeceased him, leaving a son Sir Thomas Fitz Nichol (died
s.p.m. in 1418). In this she is presumably following Smyth, Lives
of the Berkeleys, i, 47-9, which gives the same descent with slightly
more detail. Smyth took a particular interest in this family because
his wife was descended from Sir Thomas Fitz Nichol.

Second question, did you mean to be vague in stating that the Manor
passed from Thomas Basset to Joan (Basset) Seymour (without going
through her father Andrew)? Or are you proposing that this Joan was a
daughter of Thomas?

Yes, I was being deliberately vague, I'm afraid.


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