Re: 16 generations across five and a half centuries

This has been discussed here over and over again. It seems
that, since historical times (i.e. ancient Egypt) the
"canonical" number for males is 31 years per generation,
most emphatically NOT 25. A recent publication suggested
strongly that this has always been normal for true Homo Sapiens.

Doug McDonald

Please cite your sources. Thanks. Oh, and please take the stick out
of your ass.

In opposition to this, if you take the time period in question
1050-1600 and look at the British Royal Family, it takes 19
generations to get from William I to Charles I (born in 1600). It
necessitates also asking how many male generations there as opposed to
female generations. The same line to Edward III and then to one of my
gateway ancestresses, Elizabeth (Mansfield) Wilson born in 1592 takes
21 generations.