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Dear John B, Will, Dave and others,
As mentioned before in
a post by myself concerning the ancestry of James Prescott of Hampton, New
Hampshire Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton, Lancashire (died 1568) who married
1st Eleanor Radcliffe and 2nd Eleanor Maghull according to the 1567 Visitation
had a daughter by his first wife named Alice.
After considerable searching I found
on Google Book Search in a book entitled A Peerage of Ireland (originally
published 1789) by John Lodge and Mervyn Archdall on page 248 Sir Richard
Molyneux of Houghton, Notts. was married in about 1530 to Margaret , daughter of
Edmund Bussey of Haither, Lincolnshire and had by her two children a son Sir
Francis Molyneux who married Elizabeth Greenhalgh of Teverval and a daughter
Mary Molyneux who married Daniel Disney, Esq of Moreton Disney. Sir Richard
Molyneux of Houghton was the 2nd son of Sir Robert Molyneux of Houghton (died
1539) by his wife Dorothy Poutrell, daughter of Thomas Poutrell, Esq (p 247)
and grandson of Sir Thomas Molyneux of Houghton (died 1491) married 1st
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Markham (mother of Sir Robert), 2nd Catharine,
daughter of John Cotton by a daughter of Sir Nicholas Fitzherbert of Norbury
and widow of Thomas Poutrell, Esq. Thomas of Houghton was the 2nd son of Sir
Richard Molyneux and Joan , daughter of Sir Gilbert Haydock and younger
brother of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton (died 1459) who married Elizabeth
Stanley. Their son Sir Thomas Molyneux of Sefton, Lancashire died 1483 and married
July 11, 1463, Anne Dutton, whose son Sir William Molyneux of Sefton,
Lancashire died 1548 married 1st Jane, daughter of Sir Richard Rugge of Rugge,
Salop (mother of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton named above with wives Eleanor
Radcliffe and Eleanor Maghull), married 2nd Elizabeth, daughter of Cuthbert
Clifton, Esq,
James W Cummings
Dixmont, Maine USA

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Dear Will and others ,
The following is taken from
Flower`s 1567 visitation of Lancashire p 104 and Dugdale`s Visitation of
1664-5 concerning the family of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton , Lancaster and
his wives.
Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton (died 1568) married 1st
Eleanor Radcliffe of Ordsall, daughter of Sir Alexander.
1 William, son and heir died 1567 (Dugdale) married
Bridget Carryl, daughter of John Carryl , Esq , Attorney for the Duchy of
Lancaster (Dugdale) "of Warnham, Sussex" (Flower) also 1st generation in Molyneux
pedigree in 1613 Vistation of Lancashire by St George

2 Richard "2nd Son" (Flower) married Anne, daughter of
John Molyneux of Mellingwood (D)

3 John 3rd son (F) married Anne, daughter of Richard
Radcliffe of Langley (D)

4 Alexander 4th son in Flower, not in Dugdale? unless
Arthur is a misnomer.

5 Arthur , in Dugdale but not Flower unless Alexander
of 1567 was a mistake

6 Jane (probably eldest daughter) married 1st Thomas
Stanley of Bickerstaff, Lanc. (no issue), 2nd William Radcliffe of
Wymerley,(no issue), 3rd Thomas Molyneux, gent., Notts. (mentioned only in Flower)
7 Margaret married John Warren, son and heir of Sir
Edward Warren of Poynton, Cest.(Flower mentions his father, Dugdale refers to
the marriage as well)

8 Alice (Flower no marriage given ;Dugdale married
James Prescot of Dreby, Lincoln

9 Helene (Flower no marriage given ; Dugdale Eleanor
married Francis Sutton of Sutton, Cest.

10 Anne (Flower no marriage given ;Dugdale married
Thomas Dalton of Thornham and John Westby of Mowbrecke

11 Mary (Flower no marriage given; Dugdale married
Thomas Woolfield of Woolfield)

Sir Richard married 2nd Eleanor (according to Flower daughter of Robert
Male and widow of Thomas Ives, Dugdale says daughter of Robert Maghull of

Dugdale gives 3 sons Thomas, Robert, and Anthony who died 1586 S`
Dominica, Flower gives Anthony "5th son" and a daughter Eleanor not mentioned by
Dugdale, yet Flower doesn`t mention sons Thomas or Robert while Dugdale does
James W Cummings
Dixmont, Maine USA
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